Location Info:

The Dive Houston
809 Pierce St.
Houston, TX 
Roni Size’s whole life has been about building something new from whatever was around him. From Bristol youthclub parties, through the white heat of rave and the founding moments of jungle and drum’n’bass, to transforming underground electronic music into something that could be played by a live band on the biggest arena and festival stages, he has at each stage created completely afresh - not just a sound or style but an entire methodology of how music can be made. And each time, that new creation has reflected his heritage, his surroundings and the precise moment in which he’s operating. The man from Bristol shows no signs of slowing down, having already announced UK and European live tours for 2018 and being in high demand with the world’s best festivals and events. With the promise of exciting brand new Roni music coming this year, the sky is the limit for Roni Size. Local Support: SDF3 (Suraj K), DVS1, Mighty Monkz, Notic, dj jefre. [Organizer's description]

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