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Past Event
Tickets from $17-$32. Tickets are $5 at the door

Location Info:

Scream World
2225 N. Sam Houston Parkway
Houston, TX  77032
Experience the benefits of “scream therapy” at ScreamWorld, opening Friday, September 22 for 28 days of fear-filled family fun. With a 120-actor terror team striving to “scare the yell out of you,” the fan-favorite fright factory scares more than 30,000 Houstonians annually. ScreamWorld’s 4.5-acre fright factory boasts three haunted houses, an outdoor maze, graveyard and the Votex Tunnel designed with a seamless, yet obvious transition point from one haunt to the next. THE SWAMP specializes in high-tech animatronic underwater monster scenes teeming with alligators, snakes, and mythical creatures found only in the darkest, most terrifying parts of the underworld. From attacking alligators to the animatronic anaconda snake head baring 16-inch fangs, this is the bayou's most feared monsters lurking under the water's surface. EDGE OF DARKNESS is an old-fashioned haunted house with traditional “fear and flee” effects, while the CLOWN ASYLUM MAZE boasts an outdoor maze of fright-filled twists and turns full of disturbing surprises that disorient the senses JAKE'S SLAUGHTERHOUSE is a throwback to a 1950's style slaughterhouse, complete with gory sides of beef, gutted hogs, half skinned animals, swinging body bags and more. Room after room after room of bloodied bodies one can’t easily escape earns this feature a “10” on the scares scale. In addition, the outdoor ZOMBIE GRAVEYARD is an adventure in terror through fog, haze, and mutated zombies who come at you from every direction. Once disoriented by a walk through the Vortex Tunnel, ScreamWorld heightens the horror with the HOUSE OF HEADS, featuring an optical illusion of green heads that float around you and at you. But just when you think you've escaped this factory of fear, THE DOT DUNGEON, one of ScreamWorld's scariest scenes, drowns you in a sea of dots drenched in blinding strobe lights and partnered with loud air cannons that produce a feverish fear to run for your life!

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