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Laura Rathe Fine Art
1700 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX  77056
Carly Allen-Martin and Audra Weaser Soul of the Summer Laura Rathe Fine Art Presents new works by Carly Allen-Martin and Audra Weaser in Houston, Texas (Houston, TX, July 16th, 2018) – Layers. Life is made of layers, everything living and non-living contains layers making up the depth of our experience. Laura Rathe Fine Art, announces an exhibition featuring new works by artists Carly Allen-Martin & Audra Weaser, with an opening reception on August 16, 5 to 8 p.m. at 1700 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056. This collection explores the structure of layers through Allen-Martin and Weaser’s artistic process both through their technical skill and experiential awareness. As the artists build the layers of the canvas they are actually peeling back the veils of our humanness, wading through various materials and emotions into the very soul of the canvas. Through this process it is clear that for both these artists it is the journey that takes precedence in their work. How each canvas comes into being is what determines the value of the piece. LRFA presents a collection that analyses the importance of journey, of the layers both in art and in life that encapsulate the very essence of our spirit. Allen- Martin dives deep into the world of color using it as a way to break through boundaries of perception and come into an authentic expression of life. Weaser’s works create an echo of space through underlying layers of mystery, yet her of use color brings an inspired freshness into view. Both Allen-Martin and Weaser demonstrate the vulnerability and everlasting process of revealing layers, yet it is this unrelenting prowess for authentic creation that drives their art. Soul of the Summer will be on show until to September 15th. Through her use of color, Carly Allen-Martin creates powerful work that engages with the resiliency, optimism, authenticity, depth, and fearlessness of our human experience. The brightness and boldness of her work demonstrates how we can over come the oppression we sometimes feel within ourselves and the society we live in. One look at her canvas and the viewer is within an ocean of color, yet within so much vibrancy and life, there are strands of a darker palette. These graphite or charcoal marks accent the brightness of the colors. The choice of medium is an important aspect of Allen-Martin’s work. The artist’s use of charcoal is her signature mark, which mirrors the authenticity of the human spirit, it is unapologetic, fearless, messy, and bold, and brings in an element of texture into the surface of the piece. The pastels, through their purity and richness, offer more color and softness to the canvas. The artist’s work stands as a metaphor for life itself, we have a mixture of darker moments mixed in a sea of light and fullness, these moments allow the vibrancy of the colors to shine even brighter. [Organizer's description]

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