SQUIRREL?! - Art & Social

SQUIRREL?! - Art & Social

Gordon Greenleaf SQUIRREL?! - Art & Social


2019-06-07 18:00:00
6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. June 7
The Gallery At...is a travelling pop-up art show run by Gordon and Tara Greenleaf since 2011. Besides popping up at various locations ranging from New Ulm to Sugarland, this 'folie a deux', as they jokingly refer to themselves, puts on multi-artist events at Cecil's Pub in Montrose/Mid-town several times a year. Some of their most notable themed events in their signature 'Art & Social' format have included, Gypsie, Moonstruck, Harvest Moon, 007, and Mad Hatter. SQUIRREL?! has no particular theme just hopes to get your attention with a fun mix of paintings, photography, jewelry, wood carvings and metalwork featuring up to 10 local artists. Some have shown with The Gallery At...many times and are returning because of their success and popularity at these shows. Some of the local talented artists at this event are:
Gretchen McDaniel
Gretchen expresses her powerful social and political consciousness through the medium of fabric. She has a studio at Winter Street Studios in The Sawyer Yards arts district.
Denise St Clair
Denise is a multi-genre artist making paintings and jewelry, working from her home studio, where she vies for space with family of rabbits and her cello.
Steve Martinez
Steve is another Houston based artist who studied art at Houston Community College and shows frequently at Sawyer Yards.
Tara Jordan-Greenleaf
Tara is from El Paso, but has lived and painted in Houston for most of her adult life. Her works have sold around the country. She also makes wonderul jewelry ranging from steampunk to precious stones and a mix of her and her husbands's art installed in the jewelry.
Gordon Greenleaf
Gordon is Tara's partner in life and business, running the pop-up art gallery, The Gallery At... Gordon's art photography has been shown extensively and sold nationwide and as far away as Great Britain.
Deborah Shelton
Deborah is a Heights based artist and supporter of the arts community for many years, has curated her own art gallery, KAXM, and works with her husband on their creative construction company.
Mike Vollmer
Mike is an accomplished watercolorist who teaches classes in the medium and has shown and sold his inspired works entensively throughout the state. He is also a talented carpenter.
RPM - Rescued Pets Movement
Autumn Miller will be here representing the pet fostering organization, RPM, and asking you for a small donation towards this noble and worthy community service and charity. Dee Franklin
Dee is a painter who is originally from Pennsylvania, but now calls Houston home. She has been recognized by Houston Disabilities Expo and is a really sweet person who is briming with original talent.
Sam Vanbibber
Sam is notorious as the owner of Wear It Again Sam vintage clothing store in Montrose for many years during the '80s and '90s. She now makes jewelry, fashion, paintings and drives a Cat Circus artcar.
Tiki's Handcrafted Wood & Metal
Debbie will be showing some wonderful Metal sculptures of vehicles and some beautiful handcrafted mahogany and rosewood carvings. [Organizer's description]

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