Tai Chi at Levy Park

Levy Park


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Levy Park
3801 Eastside St.
Houston, TX  77098
Once there was an self-conscious little punk with closeted new age tendencies who attended regular tai chi classes in a hippie-dippe dojo beneath a punk rock band's rehearsal space somewhere on a midwestern plain. Every week, the exercise of chi, was preceded and followed by an exercise in avoidant behavior. Those days are long-gone, now the midwest is now shrouded in darkness, the new age has eaten punk whole, and punks and non-punks are free to expand their chakras without ridicule. So, come one and come all, Tai Chi at Levy Park is free from cost and free from derision. Come out to Levy Park for a free hour-long Tai Chi class led by Body & Brain West Park Yoga. All levels are welcome, and equipment will be provided. Class on Wednesdays at 6pm.
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