Taiwan Yes Festival


Past Event
$2 to $10

Location Info:

Taiwanese Community Center
5885 Point West Dr.
Houston, TX  77036
Taiwan Yes Houston is a cultural event hosted by Taiwanese Association of America, Houston Chapter. It was first known as Taiwan Night Market Festival, and now the "Taiwan Yes Festival". The purpose of this exciting event is to introduce and promote Taiwan's culture, especially the activities in the night markets, to communities in the greater Houston areas. It is an event full of great food, exuberant activities, and lots of fun. Taiwan has been renown by its manufacturing in high-tech industries and hard-working people. To tourists around the world, Taiwanese snacks and night markets are also the key attractions. Among all Eastern Asian countries, Taiwan is always ranked at the top for its food variety and service quality. ”Taiwan Yes Festival” will deliver the same quality of foods and fabulous activities to Houstonians without paying airfare! Furthermore, almost every Taiwanese shares common childhood memories with night-market activities (e.g. a tasty roasted sausage won from a pinball game). “Taiwan Yes Festival” is the extraordinary opportunity not only to reunite all Taiwanese Americans in the greater Houston area but also to recognize “We are part of Houston community”! Taiwan Yes Festival was able to gather thousands of people from the greater Houston area to participate each of the last five years. This year, we are expecting even more. So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar on April, 20 2019. Bring your friends and family along. Come and join us with great food and fun! [Organizer's description]

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