The Entrepreneur in You – Channeling Your Personality Into Small Business Success

For all proposed, startup, and existing business owners who want to know what it takes to create and run a successful business. What are the key traits of successful entrepreneurs? This workshop is created for you to perform a self-analysis of your psychological preferences and help you to accommodate your entrepreneurial ambitions to propel you to sustainable success. Different personality types can be successful as entrepreneurs: introverts and extroverts; detail-oriented and big-picture people; risk takers and risk averse as well. Come learn more about entrepreneurship and about you. Channel your dreams, drive, strengths and all aspects of your personality into successful entrepreneurship. After this wonderful day of learning and self-exploration, tap into a pathway that can help you manage, focus and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality; through your own business or into a great career working to help make your employer’s small business grow.. a win-win no matter which path you choose to take! Use this day to create a future that will fulfill you! [Organizer's description]

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