Universal Door Fundraising Dinner


Past Event

Location Info:

Kim Son
10603 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX  77072
For many years, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, Abbess of Universal Door Meditation Center, and Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi, Abbot of Suoi Tu Meditation Center, have helped countless people realize their capacity to Wake Up, transform suffering, and have true joy and Awakened happiness. By applying the practice through clear teaching and guidance from the Zen Masters, many students have transformed their lives. Now they live happier and more peacefully, with deeper meaning and purpose. From the benefits gained on the path toward AWAKE, students at Universal Door have organized a fundraising vegetarian dinner in support of the construction of the AWAKE Main Hall. Universal Door Meditation Center has the vision for many people from all over the world, including young generations, to connect with the Zen Masters. From this connection, everyone receives mind-opening teachings and guidance to help them soon return to their AWAKE mind, a priceless inheritance already within. Your presence and your wholehearted donation to connect with Awake will also support Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien’s and Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi’s mission to help all people Wake Up in this lifetime.

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