Upcoming Artist Cindee Klement to Exhibit Work in Art Cycle Project

Upcoming Artist Cindee Klement to Exhibit Work in Art Cycle Project

Cindee Klement


2019-12-31 04:00:00

Location Info:

Art Car Museum
140 Heights Blvd.
Houston, TX  77007
EXPERIENCE HOUSTON THROUGH RARE MOMENTS OF PAUSE Artist Cindee Klement to exhibit work in three exhibitions this Fall Houston, TX (October 30, 2017) - Emerging Houston artist, Cindee Klement, announces three separate exhibitions this fall to present her most recent work. From now until late November, Klement will be showing at Nos Caves Vin, Arts Brookfield - Two Allen Center, and the Art Car Museum. Combining sculpture, printmaking, and line drawing, Klement offers a perspective on Houston and her own life that portrays energy, movement, and a sense of storytelling in each piece. Klement’s solo exhibition takes place in the meandering halls of Nos Caves Vin September 7 - November 30, offering an idyllic setting for a series of works, each highlighting a moment in Cindee’s life that has allowed for pause - whether that’s a setting sun on Houston’s downtown construction, a playful shake from her dog, or a quiet morning of riding cyclists. “Through lines, I have built a body of work that focuses on capturing the emotional or physical energy of a particular event, through sculpture or works on paper. How I achieve this depends on which process I use” (Klement). Klement’s pieces represent stories from her childhood, moments in Houston, and the day-to-day of city living. “I am engaged in an ongoing experiment with lines, and materials, with an interest in the narrative” (Klement). She is also featured in a 20-artist exhibition, titled Known and Underknown at Arts Brookfield - Two Allen Center September 18 - November 17, as well as The Art Cycle Project at The Art Car Museum September 8 - November 19. Cindee Klement’s creative energy began in her youth, growing up in an isolated cotton farm outside of El Paso, Texas. She found entertainment walking the farm and assembling and drawing found items. Klement’s fine arts passion and career began to unfold when she enrolled in MFAH Glassell School of Art, allowing her to formally explore casting, drawing, sculpting, and works on paper. In 2014, the City of Houston honored Klement with a purchase of Heritage for the Houston George Bush Intercontinental airport. Klement was accepted in the MFAH Glassell Studio School fellowship in 2016 and is currently exploring watercolor and oil works on paper as well as concrete and wire sculpture pieces that combine the energy of music. Klement’s portfolio and upcoming exhibitions can be found at www.cindeeklement.com. For further contact information, please see below: Email - cindeeklement@gmail.com | Instagram - cindeeklementart
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