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Rec Room
100 Jackson St
Houston, TX  77002
Rec Room likes things weird. Now it’s producing the Weird Sh*t New Works Play Festival, which delves into the wacky imaginations of local playwrights. Organizer Grace Cunyas says the festival aims to fill a void in the Houston dramatic landscape. “We wanted to do a new-works festival solely dedicated to producing plays that can’t really be produced because of their weirdness. But also plays that are just good, you know?” Each date is different: There’s a new play slam, a couple of nights of ten-minute plays, and a closing night that doubles as a celebration of the fact that the school semester has finally ended.

8 p.m. December 14, 15 and 16; 9 p.m. December 17. 100 Jackson. For information, call 713-344-1291 or visit $10.

[Organizer's description:]


Rec Room is doing its first New Works festival and what we want from YOU is your WEIRD SH*T PLAYS!

You can submit either a 10 minute play or a 1 act play to . We do ask that you pay $10 per submission for the cost of printing/distributing. You'll find out if your play was chosen to be read by December 1st.

Wednesday, December 14th: New Play Slam

(Bring your short plays, buy a ticket, pay five dollars, we'll read them all)

Thursday, December 15th: five 10m plays will be read at 8, one one act play will be read at 9:30

Friday, December 16th: five 10m plays will be read at 8, one one act play will be read at 9:30

Saturday: 6 line play festival/celebrate the end of the semester!

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