Winemaking Course at DeFalco's!

Location Info:

DeFalcos Homebrew Supply
9223 Stella Link Rd.
Houston, TX  77025

Promotional Event Description

WINEMAKING COURSE - From The Vine to Your Table

De-mystify the winemaking process by making your own personal vintages. Winemaking dates back thousands of years and now more and more Texans are getting into the spirit of the grape (and blackberry, peach, strawberry, apple, honey, etc.). In this class you will produce three batches of wine 1) an easy ingredient kit batch, 2) a mead (honey wine), & 3) a "scratch" wine from grapes. The proper methods of using a hydrometer, conducting an acid titration test will be covered, along with fortifying sherries and ports. Get a little sticky by crushing real fruit to make a "scratch" recipe. Note: You must be at least 21 years old to enroll in this class.

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