Writing Towards Reflection: A Creative Exploration of McGovern Lake

Location Info:

Lake Plaza at Hermann Park
6100 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX  77030
As writers and artists, we all need to make time to recharge our creative energies. This fall, step away from your desk and practice fresh ways of looking, thinking, and recording landscapes both internal and external, and refill your creative well. Writing Towards Reflection is an immersive walking investigation of McGovern Lake in Houston’s Hermann Park. Although the lake may have artificial origins, it has been transformed by a wealth of evolving ecological forces: from Muscovy ducks to channel catfish to honeybees. In many ways, McGovern Lake embodies the interplay between nature and nurture—one of several themes we will explore over the course of the session, all of which are linked by an overarching focus on reflection. What does it mean to see oneself seeing, for instance? How can image shape understanding? We will explore these questions and more through a combination of independent and collective writing exercises. We'll meet at the Pinewood Café in Hermann Park’s Lake Plaza before venturing farther afield. Comfortable walking shoes are encouraged, though we are unlikely to walk more than a mile in total for the class. All areas will be fully accessible, and we'll always be within range of a restroom. Sharing your work is always optional. Facilitation will be in English, but you should feel free to write in any language. [Organizer's description]
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