Film Reviews

A Few Concessions

A film festival is not all art and culture. Like any other celebration of fandom, a film festival is also about indulgence. Aficionados take time off to wallow with their hobby, and for plain sloth. General Cinema Meyerland Plaza, the site for this year's WorldFest, is a theater well-equipped for spoiling yourself. Although its concession stand popcorn is awful, the theater serves not only root beer and lemonade, but also hot coffee (flavored!) and sparkling water. There's also both by-the-pound and pre-packaged candy. And should you want to pretend you're eating a meal between afternoon and evening screenings, they sell pizza.

Concession stand food not arty enough for you? Fine, there are other options. Those who must have their coffee with biscotti can dash across Beechnut to the Austin Coffee Shop or slip into Borders Books and Cafe. Meyerland Plaza also has the Bagel Express Deli, where you can grab a sandwich. Seeking more substantial refreshment? Cafe Express and the Salt Grass Steakhouse don't offer cheap eats, but they do have liquor licenses. Want a dark bar? Perhaps it's not trendy, but Los Tios, on Beechnut, does have a dark bar -- and you can consider your patronage a feminist statement. One discovery you can make in this family-oriented Mexican restaurant is that Rosemary Garbette, the matron whose portrait hangs over the cash register, runs the chain. -- Edith Sorenson

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Edith Sorenson