A Hard Freeze Kind of Wednesday Morning for Houstonians

So much for a winter wonderland.
So much for a winter wonderland.
No school again today. Colleges are shut down for day two also. The area remains under a hard freeze warning, wind chill advisory and winter weather advisory until 10 a.m. Municipal courts are closed for the day. Metro is taking a break until the afternoon. The Houston Chronicle asked for understanding from its subscribers and predicted a delay in delivery.

But life goes on and the city of Houston later today will start picking up the garbage it usually picks up on Monday and plans to pick up Tuesday's trash on Thursday. City council members will get back to meeting, albeit later in the day than usual.

By afternoon conditions are expected to be better but over at Space City Weather, Eric Berger predicted that this morning's bridges and overpasses "will be deceptively dangerous." Again, by the weekend this is supposed to be all behind us with temperatures forecast to be up into the 60s at least. Berger also predicted that the rest of January would be a lot warmer than the first half.

Tuesday's weather resulted in traffic accident calls all over the city as vehicles failed to negotiate the icy curves. An unnamed man was found dead on Telephone Road.

So be smart, and if your job allows, wait until this afternoon to venture out. And parents, now's the chance to spend some more quality time with your kids as you wait for the area to warm up.