Houston's Weather Week: Rain Coming Midweek

click to enlarge If this is your spring break week, it should be good beach weather. Watch out for stray showers midweek though. - PHOTO BY TREVA WYGLE
If this is your spring break week, it should be good beach weather. Watch out for stray showers midweek though.
Photo by Treva Wygle
Despite the sometimes gloomy conditions around Houston, we have managed to stay mostly rain free. Drizzles here and there, and a few stray showers always happen this time of year, but it's been a while since we've had a real legit chance of some consistently heavy-ish rain until this week.

Before digging too deep, let's recap what turned out to be a rather pleasant weekend and good thing too. With loads of outdoor activities from the March for Our Lives to the In Bloom music fest to the Bayou City Arts Fest, it was a busy weekend outside. Both days were warm but breezy with cooler evenings and only a stray sprinkle here or there. When's the last time we can say that about an outdoor music festival in Houston?

As for the week, expect partly to mostly cloudy and hot conditions through Wednesday afternoon. It's going to be warm and sticky with highs in the mid 80s and lows unlikely to drop below 70. Energy bills should start reversing themselves with increased electricity and decreased gas bills for all of us, aka: the good months. By Wednesday, as a cool front begins to sag into the area, the weather will start to shift.

Fortunately, we don't expect any heavy rainfall in the area. Most of the really heavy stuff with serious flooding potential will be well to the north of us. Areas in northeastern Texas into Arkansas could see very heavy rainfall between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Locally, it will be wet for sure. It may not be the kind that causes flooding, but there could be a few downpours and maybe some minor street flooding. Also, don't be surprised if some parts of town get away with next to nothing. Probably the farther west and south you are, the less likely the chances of significant rainfall.

By Thursday afternoon, the front should move through and drier conditions should take over. Highs will remain in the upper 70s, but lows will drop back into the 50s. Easter weekend may even see some pleasant weather, but we'll have to wait and see. For now, bring an umbrella to work on Wednesday and keep it in the car for Thursday. Otherwise, make sure your air conditioning works.