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Velveteen Echo Leak Catchy New Single

Velveteen Echos sound more focused on "Submarine."
Photo by Jonathan Mazaltov
Velveteen Echos sound more focused on "Submarine."

In music, there will always be bands that are alluring, bands that we find intriguing, and bands that are engaging from the first time we see or hear them. When Houston's Velveteen Echo first came around and started performing, they felt like most new bands in that they needed to figure out their sound to hone something more focused. That doesn't mean they weren't worth interacting with, just that their sound was familiar but also not copied either. With their new single, "Submarine" found exclusively here, they not only sharpen their sound, but they craft something delightful and enchanting and offer a glimpse into what their debut E.P. will sound like as well.

Opening with a distant and almost echoed guitar, singer Lauren Warthen echoes the early sounds of bands like The Sundays and The Cranberries without sounding like she lifted from either. Complete with these catchy melodies and breathy vocals, the band members quickly take the song to a space that's all their own while immediately holding your attention from the beginning to the end. The song, steering away from their earlier dream pop sound and heading closer to a more Brit pop meets jangle pop world, the four piece give anyone who caught them at In Bloom even more reason to love what the band does. This all works. The backing vocal melody, the snappy drums and precise bass lines, the jangly guitar and the endearing vocals all mix together to offer something lovely and hard to dismiss.

The track was produced and engineered by Ty Robbins, and is the lead single from the band's upcoming E.P. of the same name, due August 24. You can stream the track as much as you'd like above, or you can hear it in person when Velveteen Echo performs at White Oak Music Hall on May 27. The all ages show will feature performances from Jana Horn and Sergio Trevino as well. Doors at 7 p.m.; tickets free for adults, $5 for the kids.