Houstonian Scores Acting Gig With Facebook's Newest Streaming Service

Photo by Trey Curtis
Gentle giant Trey Curtis, right, got his start in theatre in Houston. Now he's playing the role of Jonathan on Facebook Watch's first narrative series.
It was inevitable that Facebook would dip its toes in the digital streaming game, and that bet is paying off in spades for one Houston-raised actor. The organization's newest incarnation, Facebook Watch, has introduced a show called Five Points. Trey Curtis landed a role in this newest endeavor.

"Facebook Watch is a streaming platform. You’ve got HULU, HBO Go, etc. Facebook Watch is in that market now. You can watch reality shows. ESPN streams on Facebook Watch," Curtis said. "Five Points is the first narrative series. Just like Netflix has Orange Is The New Black, Five Points is the first show on Facebook Watch to tell a story."

On its website, Facebook Watch describes Five Points as the story of one high school through five perspectives. When tragedy strikes, the viewers can see how it affects the lives of those five people.

"I play a character named Jonathan. He’s not one of the five points, and my involvement is I’m best friends with the nerd and the theater geek. I’m a very confident, funny, goofy, charismatic character," Curtis said.

The show has got some powerful backing. Scandal's Kerry Washington is an executive producer on this project that hopes to use social media in meaningful ways.

"Facebook Watch allows for live comments while the show is being viewed. So we’re having a conversation the whole time and after the show ends. That’s what makes it different from other tv shows," Curtis said. "The conversations will involve gun violence, LGBT issues, bullying, etc. It makes it even more impactful."
Curtis said he was bit by the acting bug pretty early in life, and it runs in the family. His mother, Rozanne Curtis, has taught various aspects of theater in the Houston area for years.

"I knew I wanted to do theater and be involved in the arts since middle school. I knew I wanted to go to college for theater when I did Cross Wind Productions, a Christian company," he said. "My mom was part of the take-off of [Cross Wind Productions], and that’s how I got so involved. We did behind-the-scenes, on camera, all different types of jobs as teenagers, so my love for it grew all through high school."

He ultimately earned his bachelor of fine arts at The University of Texas at Austin and continued pursuing jobs in the field, facing some obstacles along the way. Right when he was supposed to go to Los Angeles for the Five Points audition, Hurricane Harvey struck, and he was stranded in Houston.

Yet, ever the resourceful actor, he found a way to still get there. He and his mom packed up the car and drove two days to California. That's one supportive mamma.

"[My mom] has been my private acting coach since I was little. She gave me the confidence I really needed to go into the audition," he added. "It was my first audition in LA, and it was overwhelming to think of how far I had traveled, all the hurricane drama, and I had to remind myself to relax and just remember what my mom told me. I went in there, and I did my thing, and that’s where I’m at right now."

It worked. He landed the role, and now he's focused on the next steps.

He said, "I am hoping to keep this ball rolling and book something for pilot season, and who knows what's going to happen after the show comes out. I’m new to this, but I think the next thing would be pilot season."

Watch Five Points on Facebook Watch with new episodes each Monday.