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John Allen Stephens Drops Pop Banger With Tee Vee

Photo courtesy of artist
John Allen Stephens dives deep in on new single.

Some people have an ear for great hooks, a pop sensibility that's unparalleled, and a voice that could melt butter. While it's true that some people have one of those traits, Houston's John Allen Stephens has all three. On his latest single "Crystal Tokyo (Feat. Tee Vee)," he takes all of those elements and drops a true electro-pop gem. Found exclusively here, it's a nice peek into his upcoming album radioclub.

Opening with a light synth, a dance club vibe, and Stephens' own pop ready voice, the song is immediately making its way into your head. Complete with a catchy beat, Stephens' soft vocals dance alongside the vocals of Tee Vee like the two were meant to be together. There are extra percussive notes that add a depth that make it more than just a dance pop track while these keys create a glue for the track to really stick while Tee Vee's voice adds a softness to the verse. The mix of the two works in more ways than one, with Tee Vee offering melodies while they both craft a track that you're sure to place on repeat.

John Allen Stephens definitely makes his presence known with this track. By keeping things light and making the vocals the focus, he proves he can bring heat on whatever he does. You can stream the track above as much as you'd like as well as Stephens' other single "Asterisk, Pts. 1 and 2" on all streaming platforms. You can catch John Allen Stephens when he drops his debut solo album on August 3 at White Oak Music Hall. The all ages show will feature performances from Tee Vee and Pearl Crush as well.