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Cocktail Therapy: Jerry Jones of George

click to enlarge Ray of sunshine right there. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Ray of sunshine right there.
Photo by Kate McLean
Jell-O shots are great year-round, but especially fun in the summer. If you find yourself in the Montrose area, a pit stop at George is a must. Six jell-O shot "syringes" will run you $20, or they're $4.25 a pop; a great way to taste the rainbow and just in time for Pride festivities this weekend.

click to enlarge The doctor is in. - PHOTO COURTESY OF WALTER POLLPETER
The doctor is in.
Photo courtesy of Walter Pollpeter
Jerry Jones has been in the business for 48 years, the last 13 of them bartending at George. When asked what the craziest thing he's seen in his time, he responded, "there's been so many." Jones got into the Industry, as so many do, because it's fun. If you catch him early enough on Sundays he'll gift you a kolache with a small paper ramekin of mustard which pairs well with just about any drink you order. The kind of service that feels more like a warm hug.

The owner, George, a well-known bartender from the historic JR's bar located just a few blocks away, collects die hard patrons. One in particular explains, "what I like about George is, every time I walked in (At JR's), he'd put my drink down. I didn't have to say a word." Though this patron lives 13 miles away, he pointed, "in suburbia", he makes the drive, stating, "George is my place."

Television screens play sports 'round the clock, while pool tables, dart boards and tabletop games also entertain. With a jukebox on command, dance parties erupt most times we visit. A great spot to pre-game with the crew or post up at the long marble bar.

"Jell-O Shots"

1 (3 ounce) package Jell-O
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold Svedka

Follow directions from the box. I believe in you.

Shot of advice from Jerry: Don't drink and drive. Focus. When you're ordering your cocktails, focus. Have your money ready.  Amen to that, Jerry.

click to enlarge 20 doll hairs later... - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
20 doll hairs later...
Photo by Kate McLean