Road Closures Coming This Weekend for 290, 288 and I-10

This is what 290 is supposed to look like. Enjoy the photo.
Photo by Jeff Balke
This is what 290 is supposed to look like. Enjoy the photo.
Most of us were wading through work this week blissfully unaware of the wretched hell that will be foisted upon us along the Houston highways this weekend. Sound dramatic? Probably. But, you will definitely want to watch out for these construction "Hot Spots" as Houston TranStar refers to them. For safety sake, avoid them or, better yet, stay home and watch TV.

US-290 - Total Closure Westbound at Bingle Road - 9 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday

Many of us thought the nightmare of 290 construction was winding down. Lanes had been opened. Fresh new concrete had been poured. Sure, the feder roads were still a mess and littered with construction detritus, but it was a joy compared to the brutal madness we had endured lo these seven years. But, it ain't over.

This weekend, the westbound lanes of 290 will close between Bingle and Fairbanks North Houston (basically two exits). That happens to include a particularly busy stretch of retail featuring Target, Best Buy, Walmart, numerous chain restaurants (you know you want some Red Lobster this weekend) and a large strip center with Marshall's and various other chain outlets.

The area around Tidwell is always a mess anyway. This should be much much worse.

I-10 East Westbound from Magnolia Avenue to Sheldon Road - 9 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday

The Baytown Freeway is always a little terrifying. There is the glint of factory lights in the distance, water from the San Jacinto River feeling a little too close to the highway and 18 wheelers barreling along in narrow lanes and high rates of speed. Frankly, unless you work or live out there (God help you), why go near it?

This weekend should be significantly worse with a stretch of I-10 between Magnolia and Sheldon completely shut down. The good news is when you are sitting in dead-still traffic on the feder, you can look out at the waters of the river and imagine yourself drowning and put out of your misery.

SH-288 - Total Closure Both Directions from Holly Hall to IH-610 - Nightly 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. through Sunday

We've discussed this insanity here before. Fortunately, this should only impact you late night revelers down on the South Loop or you VERY early morning risers. Because it is closed in both directions along with all the connecting ramps, just get on some side streets and count your damn blessings.