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Houston's Best Sandwich: Rotisserie Chicken at Rhotey Rotisserie

The Rotisserie Chicken sandwich at Rhotey Rotisserie is perfectly balanced, rich and absolutely delicious.
Photo by Jeff Balke
The Rotisserie Chicken sandwich at Rhotey Rotisserie is perfectly balanced, rich and absolutely delicious.
We are in search of Houston's best sandwiches because we love sandwiches and we love Houston!

Open for less than two weeks, Rhotey Rotisserie (9296 Westheimer, Suite132) is already drawing rave reviews and garnering five-star ratings online. It's a "gourmet sandwich shop" that, as you might imagine, features meats from a rotisserie including beef, porchetta and chicken. All I've heard from people is the chicken is magnificent and, honestly, they aren't lying.

Located in a little strip center on upper Westheimer, Rhotey still feels a bit like it just opened. The friendly staff, though machine-like in their operation while I was there, seems somewhat overwhelmed by it all. But, when I stopped in later in the afternoon, there were multiple tables still occupied after lunch and to-go orders whizzing out the door.

The Rotisserie Chicken features Wayne Farms organic chicken, which is without question the star. Some sandwiches are about the supporting cast, but not this one. This chicken is tender, juicy and gently seasoned. It's pulled off the meat and shredded, so there are bits of white and dark meat mixed throughout. I would have happily scooped it out of the bun and eaten it with a fork.

But, this isn't to say Rhotey didn't find a way to elevate the sandwich beyond chicken on a bun. Indeed, the bun is the pretzel variety, which is a nice option for the chew and slight saltiness. But, lest you think this is only about the chicken, packed inside are a mixture of remarkably balanced ingredients.

There are some standards like lettuce (in this case, shredded romaine which helps it to mix well with the diced up chicken) and heirloom tomatoes. It also has buttermilk ranch, which always goes great with roasted anything, and provolone cheese. As you might guess, this is a pretty rich concoction. Add on some acidity from briney bread and butter pickles for good measure and a few cracklins of fried chicken skin for crunch.

But, if there is a co-star it is the "18-year-aged balsamic vinegar onion marmalade." It is sweet, tart and bright. And, remarkably, it blends seamlessly with the ranch, which sounds like it would clash (it doesn't) and the added spiciness from the pickles. Even if the chicken were mediocre, the rest would be good enough to make the sandwich worth the trip. But, when you add in that ridiculous rotisserie chicken, this might be one of the best chicken sandwiches I've ever eaten, especially considering the place opened two weeks ago.

Go, support this local place so we can all have that chicken in our lives. It's that good.

If you have a sandwich you think is one of the best in town, hit us up. We're always looking for new options.