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Best of Houston® 2019: Best Place to Buy Video Games

The possibilities are endless.
Photo by Jef Rouner
The possibilities are endless.
Best Place to Buy Video Games: Houston Arcade Expo

Once upon a time finding a video game store in Houston that reached further back than the PlayStation 2 era was so rare that it was actually news when Game Over opened here. Not anymore. H-Town has fully embraced the entire legacy of gaming in various shops all over the city.

Which is why if you want to really get a one-of-a-kind game-buying experience then make sure you visit the annual Houston Arcade Expo. Typically, it runs in October and, compared to geek mega-events like Comicpalooza, it is tiny. Packed within, though, is gaming at the next level. Where else can you find a whole selection of pinball tables ready to be packed up and sent to your home or pick up a GameBoy camera? There are tons of old floppy disc games for those of us who want to get our old school Oregon Trail on, not to mention all kinds of console titles priced to move.

It’s a fantastic place to do some bin diving for lost treasures. Heavy ticket items like Chrono Trigger still in the box are thin on the ground among the vendors, but sometimes you do stumble across big finds. Beyond that, it’s a fine venue for exploring where gaming is going as well as where it’s been. Virtual reality and analog Pong tables were just some of the highlights this past year. It’s a gamer’s paradise.

Location and Date for 2019 to be announced

Readers' Choice: GameStop
2612 South Shepherd, Houston

5085 Westheimer, Houston