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Best of Houston® 2019: Best DJ

DJ Noey Lopez keeps the party going.
Photo by Wewhum Fulwilder
DJ Noey Lopez keeps the party going.
Best DJ: Noey Lopez

Thanks to his ability to blend classic house sounds with disco and techno, Noey Lopez is nearing 15 years at the top of the Houston underground electronic scene. For more than ten of those years, Lopez made his name by teaming up with the Crossroads Collective to throw one of the state’s longest running parties in “Rekliner.” Despite Rekliner coming to an end in 2016, Lopez proved in 2018 that he has much more to give on the local scene. Whether it was hosting his new monthly house-infused parties, “Into the Cosmos” and “Zendrome,” spinning vinyl-only sets at The Flat, or releasing his debut EP under Catch the Ghost Records, 2018 saw Noey Lopez do it all. Most notably, 2018 saw Lopez use his dance-unleashing talents to further a Houston scene that has gone largely under-appreciated in the past.

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