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Best of Houston® 2019: Best Italian

Fresco knows noodles.
Photo by Kate McLean
Fresco knows noodles.
Best Italian Restaurant: Fresco Cafe Italiano

When you think Italian, you most likely think tablecloths and a big bill. For most, Italian is what you go for when it’s time to celebrate or you just want a fancy night out, but Italian can just as easily be comfort food that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why Fresco Cafe Italiano is a welcome addition to the local food scene. Located in a strip center, it’s more interested in fresh flavors than looking fancy; they roll out their pasta out in the open after all. Beyond the pasta are their incredible pizza options that make it one of the best lunches in the city when it comes to price and taste. You don’t have to wait for your Italian fix with Fresco around.

Fresco Cafe Italiano
3277 Southwest Freeway, Suite A, Houston

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3320 White Oak