Weekend Weather: Time To Make Your Yankee Friends Jealous

Lots and lots of this all weekend.
Photo by Roy Luck via Flickr
Lots and lots of this all weekend.
It turned out to be quite a nice New Year's Eve and Day other than some fog and some smog created by fireworks. Yeah, Houston, you literally made the air quality lower by exploding illegal fireworks. Also, many dog owners hate you because their pups were curled up in a fetal position or doped up on doggie Xanax while it sounded like World War III outside. But, we digress...

After a positively beautiful start to 2019, the rain set in on Wednesday. Widespread showers and the occasional heavier stuff set in across the entire region. That will continue into about lunchtime on Thursday when a frontal passage will begin to clear things out.

At that point, you might want to Facetime any friends you have living up north because as they while away their time inside, praying Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow in a few weeks, you can show them how you are living your best life on a patio, sipping a frozen beverage in a t-shirt.

Ok, in fairness, it won't be in the 70s and the nights will be chilly, but if you dig sunny and slightly cool weather, enjoy this weekend.

Friday will be the day you'll probably need a jacket. The sun will be out and it will be beautiful, but the high probably won't reach 60 degrees and lows will be in the mid to upper 30s. By Saturday, temperatures will rebound into the mid 60s in the afternoon and drop to the mid 40s in the evening. If you are tailgating for the Texans game, you will be the envy of football fans everywhere.

Saturday night, a southerly flow will return and we'll start to see a few more clouds into Sunday with slightly warmer overnight temperatures. Still, Sunday will be partly cloudy with highs around 70 degrees. This whole weekend could be an infomercial for pergolas and outdoor kitchens, so get out there and love every minute of it.