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Five Thanksgiving Items You Must Hoard for Leftovers

You don't get this often, so don't sneak what you can.
Photo by Jeff Balke
You don't get this often, so don't sneak what you can.
Growing up in my family, everyone wanted leftovers. Everyone. We all jockeyed for position. Who was going to make off with some turkey and dressing in a little zip lock bag? Many of us would be found in the kitchen in the late afternoon hours picking over items for a snack. It's honestly one of the best parts of the holiday.

But, if you are going to fight over whatever is left this Thanksgiving, we have some suggestions of the items you might want to prioritize.

Seasonal Pie

During the year, pumpkin and pecan pie aren't exactly at the forefront of our dessert options. They taste like cold weather and attach to your mid section like a corset. But, at the holidays, you are free to gorge away, so don't take them for granted. They won't be here for long. Get all of it while you can.


Yet another seasonal option, it is nearly the perfect thing to use for a variety of leftover menu options. Mix it with eggs for hash. Put it on a sandwich. Add a little broth (or water), mold it into patties and pan fry them like latkes. Or, just heat it up and eat it like it's Thanksgiving every day. This also stores REALLY well in the freezer.


It might sound kinda gross, but that gravy can be added to anything and you instantly get that flavor of the holiday. If you really want a treat, for Black Friday breakfast heat up some turkey in a pan with a little chicken broth, add some dressing and a couple of slices of cheese. Then, pour re-heated gravy over it and top it with a fried egg. You're welcome, America.

Turkey Bones

If you don't keep the carcass of the turkey (freeze it in a freezer bag for several months), you are missing out on some of the best stock you'll ever make. The physical size of the bones and lack of fat creates beautiful, golden stock you can freeze for six months. Have your host give you a doggie bag of bones. They will be glad it won't fill up the garbage can and you'll walk out of there with stock making supplies.


How often do people roast turkeys when it isn't the holidays and you don't work in a deli? Not often. This is the season. Take advantage. It's a long year ahead, so enjoy the turkey while you are able.