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Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Doughnuts

Take time for doughnuts.
Photo by Kate McLean
Take time for doughnuts.
Best Doughnuts: Christy's Donuts

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius.  

Devoid of toppings like Fruity Pebbles, or applewood smoked bacon bits, or Butterfinger crumbles, a trip to Christy’s makes doughnut lovers realize—it’s the little things. On simplicity alone, Christy’s Donuts nails the doughnut. The crumb is airy, not too bready, and where these doughnuts gain a mile on the competition is in the slight crispness that exists on the exterior. It’s subtle and, quite frankly easy to miss, but because they proof accordingly and because they use just the right amount of yeast, poof: a whisper of a seal forms. The glaze helps too. A standard selection fills the case: old-fashioneds, bear claws, iced sprinkles, the usual. And for $5 you’re walking out of there like you’re the prince of Dubai.

1103 West Gray, Houston

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