Prasek's Family Smokehouse Offers Holiday Shipping Options

Smoking for the holidays.
Photo by Margaret Downing
Smoking for the holidays.

Travel along Highway 59 southwest of Houston into the Wharton area and there's no way you'll miss the Prasek's Family Smokehouse in Hilje. In fact, if you Google Hilje to find out exactly where it is, what pops up is a map with only two locations on it: Hilje proper and the Prasek smokehouse.

The family-owned company, now in its fourth decade, also has a meat processing facility in El Campo so it's pretty heavily invested in the area. The other day unannounced but by no means unwelcome, its representatives stopped by the Houston Press offices in Midtown and dropped off two pecan pies, sweet and savory kolaches and meat and cheese platters.

They offer a pretty comprehensive assortment of smoked meets and cheeses — a good option for holiday gifting or pretty much anytime you want to do something nice for any meat and cheese lovers in your life. And the pies - well they got a generous round of applause from the several people who got a slice.

Items not sampled but in their brochure include preserves (peach, apricot and fig) as well as coffee (Southern Pecan and toasted cinnamon). They also offer an assortment of jerky.

For information and to place orders, visit or call 1-800-207-6653.