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Best of Houston® 2020: Best Grocery Store

Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown Market.
Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown Market.
Best Grocery Store: Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown Market

Downtown Houston isn’t exactly a food desert, but any glimpse of a grocery store with fresh produce and protein selections might be a mirage if it’s not Phoenicia Specialty Foods on Austin. There are options on the outskirts of the city center – a nearby Heights-area Kroger or Whole Foods and Randall’s in Midtown – but Phoenicia has steadily been the walking distance, full-service market for downtown’s denizens. The store’s upside is more than location, location, location. It’s family-run by folks who made their mark in an era when family-operated specialty grocers ruled Houston’s retail grocery market. Its offerings are upscale enough for serious epicures and the place is homey for regulars who know the store’s staff members by name.

Phoenicia's Downtown Market boasts fresh produce, a butcher shop, an array of prepared foods, a delectable bakery selection and a catering service. It’s also home to MKT Bar, a gastropub featuring international fusion foods, craft beer and wine, and expertly curated music events featuring some of the city’s best-loved musicians. The store and bar make Phoenicia a hub for downtown Houston’s rapidly growing residential ranks.

1001 Austin, Houston

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