Houston Gets Ratchet With Tim Ned and Fat Pimp

(L-R) Fat Pimp and Tim Ned perform in The Bronze Peacock Room.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
(L-R) Fat Pimp and Tim Ned perform in The Bronze Peacock Room.
“It’s TuResday today.” explained Fat Pimp to the crowd. “I know it’s Tuesday but were gonna call it Turesday because I need everybody to turn up! We got boujee people that don’t even go out on a Tuesday night, out for this show. So I need everyone to get off your phone and get ratchet!"

House of Blues was host Tuesday night when Tim Ned and Fat Pimp brought The Art of Ratchet Tour to the Bronze Peacock Room. The newly formed duo’s The Art of Ratchet is set to release later this year, but it was only right for the H-town natives to give their city the first taste of the music. While the artists have their own standout careers, the longtime friends and L.O.U.D. Muzik colleagues have now teamed up for an exciting new venture and joint album.

Starting the set off, Tim Ned opened with his energetic banger “Giant” before introducing Fat Pimp as he emerged to his hit tune “Rack Daddy.” The two then ran through some of their most notable independent songs including Fat Pimp’s “Maserati” and Tim’s newest single “Cool Casual Sexy.”

click to enlarge Tim Ned smiles for the camera during his performance. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Tim Ned smiles for the camera during his performance.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
The chemistry between the two is immediately noticeable. While Tim has the cool, casual, and sexy presence of a smooth, suave type, Fat Pimp comes with the rugged grittiness of a hardcore rap star, ready to turn up and party. (And he did so, ordering shots from the bar mid-set.) The yin-yang style of fusion blends perfectly as Tim uses his smooth voice for hooks and Pimp lays down an assault of lyrical verses. Even when the roles are switched to Tim on the verse and Pimp on the chorus, the  balance is always present.

Taking a short intermission, the two cleared the stage for a moment as spoken word artist Poet Goddess Fe gave an intimate performance about the meaning of “ratchet” and the importance of being proud of who you are, no matter what others think. With the group's new project, the meaning of the word “ratchet” takes on a whole new meaning. To be ratchet is to be yourself. To do what you want to do, without worrying about how someone else will perceive you.

Returning from the break, Tim now wore a long sleeve shirt and ripped jeans, ditching his previous clean-cut look of slacks and a button-up shirt to join Pimp in a more leisurely fashion. Pimp sported  a red tracksuit and gold chains the entire night. With the change of clothes and the lights back on The Art of Ratchet was about to begin.
click to enlarge Fat Pimp gives the middle finger during his performance. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Fat Pimp gives the middle finger during his performance.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
In a night of hometown support between artists and fans, all performing acts were H-town alumni including openers B Val and Dontaskgen who warmed up the crowd before the duo took the stage, Poet Goddess Fe, DJ StaSo, and Khody Blake who joined the group onstage to sing his accompanying part on “No Thotty.”

The energy was up and the crowd was ready. With smiles on their faces, Tim Ned and Fat Pimp unveiled The Art of Ratchet to their hometown and were able to cross a successful milestone off their bucket list. The concert then turned into a dance party as Pimp and Tim hopped off the stage and opened up a circle in the crowd to spotlight everyone’s dance moves.

“Thank you, guys, really.” Pimp told the audience. “Y’all could have been anywhere in the mother fuckin’ world but y’all are here with us tonight, so thank you.”

Set List

1. Giant
2. Rack Daddy
3. The Sun
4. Mazerati
5. Cool Casual Sexy
6. Roll Me Up
7. Can't Stop Flexxin
Break/Spoken Word
8. Deposit
9. Bucket List
10. Level Up
11. Ratchet
12. No Thotty