After Conducting a One-Day Survey, Fort Bend County Judge Extends Stay at Home Order

Fort Bend County Judge KP George checks the pulse of his constituents.
Fort Bend County Judge KP George checks the pulse of his constituents.

At 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, Fort Bend County Judge KP George sent out a press release that yes, the judge was extending his "Stay at Home to Save Lives" directive through April 30.

While other local governmental entities including the city of Houston and Harris County on Tuesday extended their stay at home orders through the end of April, George hit the pause button and instead sent out a survey to Fort Bend County residents asking them how they felt about the county's measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

The survey, instead of an extended order, clearly struck a nerve with some respondents, who weren't especially charitable in the comments section. Some replied with anger, a few suggesting George was just trying to get re-elected by sending out the survey and basing his decisions on what most people or what local businesses wanted instead of doing what was best to protect the public.

Some examples:


You do whatever the president says. you think if you survey everyone they would be more likely to vote for you. Stop the nonsense. Dowhat the president tells you too and forget what people think. It’s not like you have a choice. Follow the president
Shut down the state. Shut down the country if you don’t want Americans to die. You are wiping away the humans by not shutting down the state and country. If you are a good leader you should pressure the government to shut down the state.

Overall the survey results provide a fascinating snapshot of what at least the 887 people who responded to the survey are thinking and willing to say at this point about how COVID-19 has affected their lives. Almost everyone said they were staying at home as much as possible, washing their hands, but were concerned about the other people they see out and about.

While 53 percent of those surveyed said they think the county's Stay at Home order is strong enough to keep residents safe, a sizable minority — 47 percent — said it is not.

Several commenters made it clear that they don't think the order is being enforced, or needs to be tightened up. Several said they thought some of the "essential" exemptions weren't really essential.

I see a lot of people on the road. I think it needs to be more defined. Why is lawn care necessary? It seems to me like there should be reduced hours for many more businesses and very clear directives on what is expected of people. Masking up?

When will Firt Bend make the stay at home order strict ? I am a healthcare provider at the jail. Should not be leaving work and caughtin traffic jam in FBC county. People need to be pulled over and questioned. One trip per week to get supplies.

Went driving today to get out of the house and my son commented that there were too many people out! 

Fifty five percent (491 people) of the respondents said their businesses consider them an essential employee. Fifty six percent (497) of the respondents said they are able to work at home. Asked how long they could "financially sustain" their household if their pay was cut off, 32 percent said they could last seven plus weeks, 27 percent said 3-4 weeks, 26 percent said one to two weeks and 14 percent said five to six weeks.

Fifty one percent said they were worried about their ability to find or purchase food, cleaning supplies and paper products in the next two months.

Business owners weighed in as well.

 "This is killing my businesses."

I have had to close my business and let go of 6 employees. Makes NO sense because SO MANY non essential businesses continue to remain OPEN! I know it’s best that we do close, but I think it needs to be much stricter & essential NEEDS TO BE DEFINDED!

Others pointed out that some people are simply ignoring the social distancing order and there appears to be no enforcement.

These restrictions need to be enforced. There are groups of children playing together from several different households in neighborhoods such as Greatwood. People are hosting get togethers at home within neighborhoods. People are not understanding this!

Staying home, when going for a walk or to get groceries trying to stay 6ft from others. But in a grocery isle that is impossible to do. Also finding many people in our area either disregard the 6 ft rule or just don’t care because they don’t feel sick.