A Killer Quarantine Sandwich With Local Ingredients

Photo by Gwendolyn Knapp
Plenty of cheese options for your quarantine sandwich.
One of the wonderful things about sandwiches is that they are extremely takeout friendly. This is particularly important during the era of the coronavirus. But with the constraints of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, getting a fresh sandwich every day isn't always possible. And in a quarantine, why not just make one for yourself?

The best part is that Houston has tons of great local ingredients to create any kind of sandwich you could possibly want. For me, I found that joy in a smoked turkey and bacon with ingredients from local businesses that are both outstanding and great for the local economy.

Bread: Artisana Demi Baguette - 965 Pinemont Drive

Since I'm making a turkey sub, I need some fresh quality bread and this little bakery just north of Oak Forest has it. The demi baguettes come in a bag of four (you might also see them at Houston Dairy Maids or Urban Harvest Farmer's Market on the weekends) and are cooked through, but they recommend a few minutes in the oven as do I. The bread snaps on the outside, but is warm and soft inside. Note that they are only open Wednesday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. to noon.

Meat: Feges BBQ Smoked Turkey - 8217 Long Point (pre-orders online only)

Patrick and Erin Feges made a name for themselves with their shop in Greenway Plaza, with reviews so good they were set to open a second location in Spring Branch. All that has been put on hold with the virus, but that hasn't stopped them from doing Saturday pop-ups in the parking lot of the new spot. Menus are posted Wednesday at 4 p.m. and you can order while it lasts. They have a half smoked turkey breast that is simply incredible and will last you for a week unless you're greedy. Drizzle the sweet sauce and add spicy pickles to your sandwich for a cool twist.

Meat: B&B Butchers Thick Cut Bacon - 1814 Washington Ave.

If we are adding bacon — and why not? — may as well get some hand-cut pork from B&B. They have some of the best meats in the city and grabbing a slab of their thick-cut bacon for a sandwich is pure luxury, but don't we all deserve it in quarantine?

Veggies: Verde Greens Hydroponic Lettuce - 1208 Bland Street

Tucked away in Acres Homes is one of the city's best kept secrets for the green leafy stuff. Verde grows lettuce year round in their hydroponic gardens and it is absolutely amazing. Not only is it fresh and delicious, but it lasts far longer than the store bought variety. They have limited shop hours, but have a presence at many local farmer's markets including Urban Harvest. In fact, we recommend all the farmer's markets for any additional veggies you might like including tomatoes and onions. I'm sticking with just lettuce for this one.

Cheese: Houston Dairymaids - 2201 Airline Drive

When you want killer cheese in Houston, there is really only one place to get it, that's Houston Dairymaids. They have a rotating batch of cheeses every week and a wide range of options. Personally, I'd go for a soft brie or maybe a goat cheese, but there are a ton of choices for any taste. Have them make a recommendation. They are great at it.

Condiments: Bee2Bee Honey Collective Local Honey

Mayo and mustard — especially some German style — is great, but when you want to add a little something (the sweet Feges sauce notwithstanding), consider a drizzle of local honey from Bee2Bee Honey Collective. You can purchase it at various locations around town or from their website. It can even be matched to your neighborhood, which is supposedly excellent for allergies.

My Final Sandwich Recipe:

Feges Smoked Turkey, thinly sliced
B&B Butchers Thick-Cut Bacon cooked
Soft Brie from Houston Dairy Maids
Fresh Lettuce from Verde Greens
Drizzle of Local Honey
Toasted Baguette from Artisana