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Houston Texans Set to Name David Culley Next Head Coach

Screen grab from Ravens Twitter account
David Culley's first head coaching job will be with the Houston Texans.
As of Wednesday afternoon, it appeared that the Houston Texans' pool of finalists for their vacant head coaching position was closed, with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier having his second interview on Tuesday, and Ravens WR coach/assistant head coach David Culley having his on Wednesday. Last week, former Lions and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell had his second interview, and first with new GM Nick Caserio.

By Wednesday night, word began to matriculate that Culley's interviews went so well that he was remaining overnight in Houston, and by around 8:30 p.m. Houston time, the media was reporting the news that will likely be met with everything from anger to a collective "same ol' Texans" — David Culley is set to become the franchise's fourth head coach in team history.

We will be breaking down this hire exhaustively over the next several days, with the most important question being "What does Deshaun Watson think?", but for now Texan fans' frustration is overflowing, with the team brushing aside fan favorite, Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, for a 65 year old position coach. This is what we waited 114 days for?

The Texans' fan base now teeters on the verge of a revolt, those fans that still care about this team that has done seemingly everything in their power to tell the fans "We don't care about you, your opinion, your happiness." Bieniemy has been the people's choice, and more importantly, he is perceived to be the guy Deshaun Watson wants. It doesn't mean that Watson won't be able to get behind Culley as a hire, but Bieniemy felt like a slam dunk, from a P.R. standpoint and a "get Deshaun back in the fold" standpoint.

In case you're wondering exactly how badly Texan fans want Bieniemy as the next head coach, and how little they want Culley, here are some Twitter polls I ran on the popularity of each candidate:

I will say this — choosing a candidate with a 6.3 percent popularity rate over the one with a 96 percent popularity rate is on brand for this franchise going back to the day Executive Vice President of Football Operations walked into the building in April 2019. This is a franchise that has made horrific decision after horrific decision, behind the shield of "culture" and under the thin veil of "thinking outside the box."

So we have the unpopular Easterby still with the team, a head coach most of us had never heard of until a week ago, and a quarterback who is in a self-imposed exile right now.

How in the hell did we get here?

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