Bayou City

Indie Trio Getters Debuts New Single "Blindsided"

Photo by Bethany Brewster
Getters is Christopher Goodwin, Jerry Nettles and Micah Miller
This week, indie trio Getters debuted its latest single "Blindsided." The Houston outfit’s third release of 2021 marks the halfway point to its first proper EP, We Are Getters, which will be available for purchase and streaming on June 25.

Comprising vocalist Christopher Goodwin, guitarist Jerry Nettles and drummer Micah Miller, Getters is a medley of familiar Bayou City musicians. Between the three of them, their former bands include Eldridge, Morningside Drive, The Finalist and American Fangs.

“Fangs was an unanticipated ride,” Miller says of his old group. “A lot of the guys had been in other bands, and it felt like those bands were always chasing record deals and chasing the illusion of what we thought we wanted out of music.”

As is wont to happen, the bands eventually broke up, folks ended up disliking each other, and the music stopped being made. So when American Fangs was formed, its members made a conscious decision not to pursue all that stuff.

“It was like, we don’t care if we ever sign a record deal. We don’t want to tour, we’re all broke, we just want to have jobs, play shows on the weekend and have fun. Nine months later, we had a manager, had signed on with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) for booking and had signed a record deal. It was crazy.”

Sometimes you end up finding exactly what you were looking for only when you stop looking for it.

Miller has been making music for the better part of two decades now. And while his last few projects saw the Houston native performing mostly post-hardcore and punk rock, Miller’s heart has always belonged to another genre.

“I’ve always been a sucker for pop songs,” he says. “Whether that’s Kelly Clarkson or Bruno Mars, anything pop is kind of my forbidden fruit. In Fangs, I was the guy driving the van overnight, jamming that stuff. People in the back were popping their heads up going, ‘Really, man?’”

Miller grew up in a household that listened to country, and he found his way into heavier music in the early ‘90s, thanks in no small part to Bush's Sixteen Stone. In recent years, however, he has found his way back to his roots.

“I’ve kind of gone back to country, kind of pop-country like Kacey Musgraves and Chris Stapleton,” he says. “I grew up listening to Pantera and Metallica, and maybe I’m just getting older but I find myself connecting with different things.”

When he and Nettles sat down to write some music together, he brought that influence with him.

“I told Jerry, ‘This is what I’ve been listening to,’ and he said, ‘That’s cool,’ and we kind of just found our way from there.”

The band’s first two singles – “Tidal Wave” and “Row” – boast a dreamlike, ethereal vibe. Somewhere between radio-friendly pop and garage rock, Getters creates the kind of music that’s both pleasant in the background and worthy of a thorough listen in a dark room.

“It could be on in an elevator or it could be on at a bar, and people would be into it," Miller says.

Getters began working on these tracks before COVID-19 all but crushed the live-music industry. While the pandemic hasn’t done much to deter their release schedule, the longtime percussionist says he’s excited about the prospect of showcasing his band in a live setting sometime soon.

“In the global scheme, the pandemic didn’t affect us,” Miller said. “We’ve been adjusted to the digital age for some time. It really hasn’t messed with us and now that we’re getting beyond it – or at least the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter – we’ll definitely be playing live soon, and we’ll be one of the fortunate acts that didn’t get destroyed by it.”

Getters will release a new single and accompanying music video every month through the end of June.