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Deshaun Watson's Social Media Activity Indicates He'll Play in 2021

Social media activity indicates we may see Deshaun Watson play football in 2021.
Photo by Eric Sauseda
Social media activity indicates we may see Deshaun Watson play football in 2021.
We are approaching a crucial moment of truth in the Deshaun Watson saga next week, with the Houston Texans (and every other team in the league) welcoming their players back into the building for training camp. By the letter of the law in his contract, come Tuesday next week, Deshaun Watson is obligated to show up at the building or incur massive fines for holding out.

Given the presence of 22 civil lawsuits from massage professionals of various capabilities and job titles suing Watson, not to mention a pointed trade request from Watson himself, a bigger question might be whether or not the Texans would even want Watson in the building.  Either way, there is a ton of mystery swirling around whether or not Deshaun Watson is going to have to burn a year of daylight in his prime sitting out suspended or on the commissioner's exempt list.

That said, Watson has been more and more active on social media over the last few weeks, perhaps indicating a level of confidence that the 2021 NFL season WILL indeed involve him playing SOMEWHERE, either in Houston or (more likely) somewhere else. Here are the latest two pieces of social media evidence that Deshaun Watson is ready to emerge from hiding.

First, below is a tweet of Watson working out with his personal QB coach, Quincy Avery, along with fellow quarterbacks and Avery pupils, Justin Fields and Jordan Love. (Ironically, Love is the backup to the league's other noteworthy, disgruntled franchise QB, Aaron Rodgers.) Here is the video....
No big surprise here that Watson appears to be in tremendous shape. If we were translating the post of this video, from Watson's perspective, it's probably a combination of defiance (i.e. "I didn't do the things I am accused of") and advertising (i.e. "If you're looking to trade for me, don't I look good?"). Discerning eyes in Philadelphia, Denver, and Miami gaze upon thee, Mr. Watson!

Then Monday afternoon, there was this tweet from a normal, everyday fantasy football fan wanting an answer to the really important question — ARE YOU GONNA SCREW OVER MY FANTASY TEAM, DESHAUN? Here was the tweet...

Well, Deshaun responded to this request to like this tweet if was playing by actually LIKING THE TWEET. So it's one of three things here, and the choices are (1) Deshaun is a delusional optimist, (2) Deshaun knows something, or (3) Deshaun is a really mean person who is leading this poor guy right into an oncoming fantasy football train. Here's to hoping it's Door Number Two.

Finally, as long as we are poking around on social media, Tony Buzbee, the attorney for the 22 plaintiffs suing Watson, with a pretty tremendous troll job here after a massage session on his honeymoon in some exotic locale:
Again, the countdown is on, and Texans training camp is a week away. Business is most certainly about to pick up.

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