Best of Houston® 2021

Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Music Festival

100,000 music fans are expected for this November's Astroworld Festival
Photo by Jennifer Lake
100,000 music fans are expected for this November's Astroworld Festival

Best Music Festival: Astroworld Festival

As accomplished as he is as an artist and businessman, it’s easy to forget that Travis Scott has a playful streak. He’s notched diamond certified record sales, runs a successful creative collective and is a cultural influencer with more than 40 million Instagram followers. Even the music festival with the whimsical name he founded is viewed more as an industry juggernaut than fun times at an amusement park. When tickets for this year’s installment went on sale, all 100,000 were sold within an hour, despite no announcements of the talent booked, same as its previous iterations. Scott’s success and business savvy have made Astroworld Festival one of the most successful single-artist curated music fests in the world, according to Billboard.

That it all happens here in Houston at NRG Park should be a huge source of pride for any self-respecting local music fan. Guessing which artists will play the fest is becoming as entertaining a pastime as buying a mini-loaf of fresh baked bread at the end of a long day at the long-gone amusement park. And the day’s festivities are amplified by who might drop by for it all, the famous and otherwise. Though it seems like a tremendous amount of work to pull off, even for as earnest an entrepreneur as Scott, there is some indication he’s not taking it all too seriously. He’s recently been likened to Willy Wonka since he’s waggishly hidden tickets to the festival in packs of CACTI, a spiked seltzer he’s teamed with Anheuser-Busch to produce. After all, anything called “Astroworld” shouldn’t be all work and no play.