Best of Houston® 2021

Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Deep Dish Pizza

Photo by Darren Lafferty (White Beard Photography)
Just look at those cheesy, crispy edges.
Best Deep Dish Pizza: Pizaro’s Pizza

Originally known for its pillowy-soft, Neapolitan-style pies, this local pizza pro moved into the Detroit territory (and a thinner, crisper New York style) a few years back...and it's safe to say things haven’t been the same since. Now you’ll need to dine with a crew so you can try all the styles, but it’s the deep dish Detroit style we care about, here. Cheese-crusted and double-fired in a blue steel pan to ensure the dough achieves that enviable, cheesy burnt end crust, the Detroit pies come topped with more brick cheese and your choice of toppings, with the house tomato sauce drizzled on top take things to the next level. Traditionalists will want the cupping pepperoni-loaded Motown, but the ricotta and ghost pepper sausage-topped Vesuvius is equally as badass. Find the Detroit-style pies at both the Montrose and Memorial locations.

1000 West Gray
11177 Katy Freeway