Best of Houston® 2021

Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Icehouse

Photo by Schaefer Edwards
With plenty of cold brews on offer, West Alabama Ice House is a perfect low-key hangout.
Best Icehouse: West Alabama Ice House

A Houston institution since 1928, it’s the simplicity of West Alabama Ice House that keeps patrons coming back to its plentiful picnic tables for ice cold beers with friends old and new, even during the toastiest days of H-Town summer. The wide variety of sudsy brews runs the gamut from cans of craft favorites to bottles and tallboys of your picky uncle’s favorite macro-brew, and the reasonable prices make it all that more tempting to head back for just one more. And while the offerings from the much beloved Tacos Tierra Caliente food truck parked across the street remain some of the best beer pairings in town, relative newcomer B&T Cafe slings up some fantastic banh mih just a few feet away, providing yet another takeout combo that goes great with whatever you’re drinking and that makes West Alabama even more of a brag worthy, low-key Houston gem.

1919 West Alabama