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Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Barbecue Brisket

Photo by Schaefer Edwards
Juicy where it needs to be and crispy where it counts, The Pit Room's brisket is no slouch.

Best Barbecue Brisket: The Pit Room

Since 2016, The Pit Room has been serving up a smorgasbord of classic Texas barbecue favorites — pork ribs, sausage, smoked turkey and chicken — accompanied by delicious sides like mustard potato salad, a bright, peppery cole slaw and their Mexican street corn-in-a-cup with a bit of Tex-Mex flair. But the star of the savory show has always been the immaculately smoked beef brisket. Whether chopped up in a sandwich or taco or sliced up for your enjoyment, The Pit Room’s brisket never disappoints, and its juicy, tender slices with just the right amount of crisp, peppery crust pair excellently with their slightly spicy barbecue sauce. Whether you like your brisket lean, moist or somewhere in between, pitmaster Bramwell “Bram” Tripp’s lovingly smoked USDA Prime beef will always leave your belly full and put a smile on your face.

1201 Richmond