Best of Houston® 2021

Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Bar Patio

A rose by any other name, grows the same in a bier garten or bar patio
Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
A rose by any other name, grows the same in a bier garten or bar patio
Best Bar Patio:  Heights Bier Garten

What’s in a name really, especially when it comes to doling out good drinks and good times? Heights Bier Garten and its devoted followers might take a tiny bit of umbrage with suggesting its ample complex is a “bar patio,” particularly since it says “bier garten” right on the sign out front. But, we’ll take the blowback if it means talking up the many plusses that make it a favored spot for sipping away afternoons and evenings.

Let us begin with the drinks, craft beers on this side and spirits on the other, separated as they are by rows of tables, chairs and swings that we’ll return to in a minute. On a recent trip, the beer and wine bar’s 94 taps boasted rotations from as far as Denmark (Odin’s Skull Honey Mead, with a whopping 19 percent ABV) and Piedmont, Italy (a rich Barbera); and, as nearby as Eureka Heights Brew Co. (one right and left turn down the road). Across the way at Worcester’s Annex there are dozens of house cocktails available of all variations for those who like it boozy.

Those drinks and a solid food menu set up the “bar patio” experience, which gets the nod here because of all the space afforded to outdoor drinkers and socializers. In the era of six-feet-apart, drinking comfortably with friends, family and complete strangers at a safe distance in the open air is a huge premium and one of Heights Bier Garten’s biggest strengths. We tried counting the seats and stopped once we got to triple digits, which we tallied in one lone section of the place. By then, we were pinballing between its bars and just wanted to enjoy a sunny afternoon like the rest of our company.

1433 N. Shepherd