Best of Houston® 2021

Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Gluten-Free Pizza

Truly personalized pizzas and gluten free to boot.
Photo by Margaret Downing
Truly personalized pizzas and gluten free to boot.

Best Gluten Free Pizza: MOD Pizza

When most gluten-free pizza crust has the texture of cardboard and costs an extra $2-3 for the privilege, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that serves a flavorful pizza that doesn’t suffer for being gluten-free. While not from Houston originally, MOD (Made On Demand) Pizza is an excellent choice for gluten-free diners. The Seattle-based chain has two pizza crust options billed as gluten-friendly: a rice, potato, and tapioca blend and a cauliflower crust.

MOD Pizza stands out because each pizza is personalized. An 11-inch pizza is the standard, and while there are ten existing pizza combinations you can choose from, the restaurant’s business model is to have you build your own pizza using any of the 30 available toppings, from cheeses such as asiago, gorgonzola, and parmesan to vegetables such as roasted red peppers, chopped basil, and chickpeas. If you happen to have other dietary restrictions, non-dairy cheese is available at no additional cost. In fact, you can pile on the toppings (they’re all labelled for allergens!) and none of them will cost any extra. Enjoy whatever blend of sauces, cheeses, and veggies you like best. We recommend getting the garlic rub on the crust for a delicious burst of flavor in every bite.

5174 Richmond Ave, Houston