Sleigh Bells Rip Dynamite in Return to Warehouse Live

Sleigh Bells kick off the Texis Tour at Warehouse Live.
Photo by Jack Gorman
Sleigh Bells kick off the Texis Tour at Warehouse Live.
The noise pop duo Sleigh Bells hit the road again to support their new album Texis. It would only seem fitting to set off from the Lone Star State, but it was not to be the original point of departure. The tour was actually planned to kickoff earlier this month in the Southeast, but logistics surrounding the pandemic forced a few dates to be rescheduled in 2022.

The Studio at Warehouse Live was full, but not overly crowded on a Tuesday night. Fans were lined up against the rail early and their energy was only slightly outdone by Derrick Miller bounding on stage with his guitar as he started the beginning notes of “SWEET75”, the initial track of Texis.

Vocalist Alexis Krauss seemed to exude pure joy from the moment she grabbed the microphone. She beamed in front of the crowd singing, “I feel like dynamite, I feel like dying tonight.” Backed with a live drummer and keyboardist, the duo smashed through seventeen songs pounding fans with shredding guitar and rapid fire drum machines meshed with the melodic sing along lyrics.

click to enlarge Alexis Krauss feels like dynamite. - PHOTO BY JACK GORMAN
Alexis Krauss feels like dynamite.
Photo by Jack Gorman

The setlist was a mixed bag of songs spanning through the Sleigh Bells’ catalog over their ten-plus year history, five studio albums and EPs. Those in attendance were true fans. They sang and pumped their fists along with the newest tracks just as much as any song played from the debut album, Treats.

In an effort to keep their band and crew safe a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination was required to enter the venue. The tour manager and venue security reminded people to keep their masks on when patrons got caught up in the music after taking a sip of their beers.

click to enlarge Moodie Black's noise rap entertained fans. - PHOTO BY JACK GORMAN
Moodie Black's noise rap entertained fans.
Photo by Jack Gorman

So How Were the Openers?
Moodie Black opened the show and will be along for the ride during the Texas leg of the tour. The noise rap duo consisting of vocalist Kris Martinez and live guitarist Sean Lindahl took the stage. There was a bit of singing and a lot of rapping. There was a bit of dancing and a ton of feedback and reverb. It was difficult to get a bead on whether or not the crowd was dug it. Some people bobbed their heads and swayed a bit and a few ladies gave confused looks to each other, but no one was preoccupied with their phones. At the end of the their tight 30-minute set the Houston crowd screamed their approval and gave hearty claps before heading to the bar.

Riot Rhythm
Locust Laced
Rule Number 1
Tell Em
Tennessee Tips
Bitter Rivals
Comeback Kid
Justine Go Genesis
I Can Only Stare
Infinity Guitars
Truth Seekers
Rill Rill

And Saints
Crown on the Ground