Finally Cold Fronts We Can Believe In

Terrifying decorations deserve cooler weather.
Photo by Jeff Balke
Terrifying decorations deserve cooler weather.
October is great in Houston, but it's a tease. Cool fronts try to push through, but struggle to muster the oomph to make it. When one does, its effects are short lived and we go back to muggy, balmy weather before long.

Then, a change happens. Some years, it happens sooner and other years later, but it always makes it here eventually. While we did have a nice spurt of cold weather a little over a week ago, that was nothing compared to what is coming down the pike just in time for the start to November.

The first of two cold fronts will move through Houston by late morning or early afternoon on Wednesday accompanied by a line of showers and thunderstorms. It will push lows on Wednesday night into the 50s and highs through Saturday won't make it out of the mid 70s. Halloween should be pretty glorious with highs pushing 80 and a pleasant cool evening for the trick or treating festivities.

By Tuesday, another potentially stronger cold front should make it to Houston, keeping that pumpkin spiced latte weather flowing. Forecasts are calling for highs only in the low 70s for the first week of November with lows back down in the 50s.

It's safe to say you can comfortably pull out the sweaters even if your friends up north are laughing at you for putting on a jacket in 70-degree weather. Don't worry, they'll get theirs when they have to shovel snow in January.