Best of Houston® 2022

Best Of Houston® 2022: Best Spay-Neuter Clinic

A spayed or neutered pet is a happy pet.
Photo by David Locke via CC
A spayed or neutered pet is a happy pet.
Best Spay-Neuter Clinic: Houston Spay Neuter

Houston has a terrible stray animal problem thanks predominantly to our own unwillingness to spay or neuter our pets. Not only does not getting the procedure lead to overpopulation and swollen animal shelters, but it can be less healthy for your pet. So, make a plan to take your kitty or puppy to Houston Spay Clinic, where they provide exactly what the name says at extremely reasonable rates. Not surprisingly, the vets here are heavily involved with and invested in the rescue community in Houston, for which there is an ever growing need. And it is their mission to assist those in need of helping homeless animals. Do your pets a favor and get them fixed.

Houston Spay Neuter
1220 West 23rd, Houston