GloRilla Performs for a Sold-Out Warehouse Live Crowd

Photo by Darrin Clifton
GloRilla's Anyways, Life's Great Tour touched down at Warehouse Live Monday night.
The packed house at Warehouse live began to rumble as the stage lights rose to illuminate GloRilla center stage.  Backed by two large screens which flashed her name across them, the rapper laughed as she walked and motioned toward the crowd. Her distinctive voice and stage presence filled the room as she spoke.

“We about to show them what we do at the red light!” she yelled to the crowd’s screaming approval. “We about to see what y’all are really ‘bout!”

As the audience cheered, GloRilla’s dancers picked people out the crowd and led them up to the stage, including Relly B, one of the stars from Bad Boys Los Angeles best known for his viral video and catch phrase “where the money reside.”

GloRilla stood in front of the group and, as the DJ played her hit single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)”, she led them in a twerk off for the audience.

Fresh off the win for XXL Magazine’s Female Rapper of the Year, GloRilla brought her Memphis sound to the Warehouse Live stage Monday night. The Anyways, Life’s Great Tour featuring GloRilla and friends started in Charlotte January 27 and will continue on to 16 cities ending in Memphis. While the tour is still in the early stages, GlorRilla’s success is undeniable with the Houston show selling out quickly after ticket sales opened. GloRilla burst onto the charts with her Hitkidd-produced 2022 single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).” Since then she has amassed a following behind hits like “Just Say That,” “On Wat U On” and the Cardi B-assisted “Tomorrow 2.”
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GloRilla rocks the crowd at Warehouse Live
Photo by Darrin Clifton
While much of her success can be attributed to songs that have come out in less than a year GloRilla has obviously worked at her craft, putting together a show more expected from a veteran than an artist on their debut album. The Anyways, Life’s Great Tour gave the crowd everything they were looking for, with GloRilla running through the hits from her debut album as well as songs from her mixtapes, her backup dancers twerking for the crowd, an impressive stage with plenty of visuals, and, of course, GloRilla’s friends.

Joined on stage by Aleza, Slime Roni, Gloss Up, and K Carbon to perform a few songs really showed the chemistry between GloRilla and her “ratchet friends” and gave fans a showcase of things to come. With a stage show like the one put forth on Monday night, expect to see more from GloRilla and all her friends.