Anime Night at the Alamo: Dance in the Vampire Bund

If you love vampires and werewolves but can't stand the perfect, sparkly ones that fought over that one chick in Twilight, then considerDance in the Vampire Bund. This supernatural anime is the highlight of this week's Anime Night at the Alamo Drafthouse.

The story goes something like this: vampire princess Mina Tepes doesn't want to live in the shadow of humans any longer. In an attempt to set up a sanctuary where vampires may come and go freely, she pays off Japan's national debt. In return, she gets the right to build a colony, called the Vampire Bund, off Japan's coast.

Too bad her ambitions have made her lots of enemies. Politicians, terrorists, and other foes plot against her. Mina has to use her wits and rely on those around her for protection. Her life is made even harder since she has to balance between her ruthless instinct to crush opponents and desire for peace. Romance, violence and horror ensue as she desperately tries to gain acceptance from humans for her and her kind.

The anime is based off the manga by Nozomu Tamaki and produced by Shaft, Inc. Studios, whose other work includes Negima?! and Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei. Shaft is known for the quality of its art and the silly gimmicks they work into even the most serious of anime.

Enter the door prize raffle at this Anime Night showing of Dance in the Vampire Bund at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 14. Alamo Drafthouse, West Oaks Mall #429.