10 Reasons Grand Theft Auto VI Should be Set in Houston

Our colleagues up in Dallas tackled this question in a semi-serious manner, which is awesome because I completely forgot to tell them how wrong they were yet again (It's not their fault... closer proximity to Oklahoma causes mild brain damage).

All kidding aside, it really had never occurred to me to consider at GTA title here in the Bayou City. Yet the more I think about it the more I am convinced that you could not possibly do any better for a setting. I came up with ten good reasons why.

10. We Have Great NPCs for Quests: Can there possibly be anything better than driving down the street when you run across Juan Carlos distraught because some vandals stole his iPod and now he can no longer dance by the side of the road to entertain the masses at rush hour? You would crash your car to find the guys that pulled so nefarious a stunt and beat them into sill putty. Speaking of beating...