Doctor Who

Your Guide to Doctor Who Sex Toys (NSFW)

I am very proud of the fact that some of my most-read articles here on Art Attack have to do with my endless fascination with Doctor Who, and all the frustrated fanboyishness that I channel into prose as the series returns on March 30 and the 50th Anniversary gets that much closer. For the most part, I love my job and the whole Who fan community.

But sometimes you guys send me the most bizarre things in fan mail... like for instance links to Doctor Who sex toys. Then I foolishly mention this to an editor. Then she makes me find more so I can have an article about it. Then I drink. A lot. Well, if it has to be shoved into my head I'm going to shove it right into yours, so strap in because it's anywhere in perverted time, anywhere in perverted space. Where do you want to start?