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UPDATED: Porn Star Lisa Ann and a Gigantic Fleshlight Spreading Joy at SXSW (VIDEO)

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Aside from all the musical mayhem, lasers and massive crowds descending on Austin this week, I found porn star Lisa Ann and a walking Fleshlight roaming the city's main party artery of Sixth Street.

What's a Fleshlight (NSFW) and who is Lisa Ann, you ask? A Fleshlight is a flashlight-styled, um, male sex toy that you, a man, puts his, you know, inside. And Lisa Ann is a highly successful and popular porn star who got mainstream notice for playing "Serra Paylin" in six porn films spoofing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. When she wears glasses and those trademark power suits, she looks incredibly like Palin. She's been in the porn biz since 1993.

Fleshlight makes molds of the naughty bits of porn stars and uses them as templates for signature toys. The company is actually based in Austin, making the city a frequent haunt for stars like Lisa Ann, Jesse Jane and others.

I got the tip that Mr. Fleshlight and Lisa Ann would be on Sixth Street from following both of their respective Twitter accounts. Her feed is actually one of the most entertaining ones in her industry. And you know, she's pretty good-looking and all.

As more and more fans noticed who was walking around with the Fleshlight, I started noticing men of all ages in weird conversations with their female significant others, explaining who she was and why they had to get a picture with her.

I mentioned something about that to her when I got my own picture (DUH) with her and she laughed it off.

"I wouldn't have a job if no one knew who I was!" she laughed.

Lisa Ann is supposed to be at SXSW the next few days so if you are out here, keep on the lookout for a large black Fleshlight. Come say hello.