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Pop Rocks: Bo Wyble, Foul-Ball Cad Gets Catty

(Note: Pete Vonder Haar is on vacation.)

Bo Wyble is the new-ish Houstonian who's gained some notoriety for his epic levels of lameness when he was caught on camera ducking out of the way of a foul ball that hit his girlfriend.

Wyble said he lost it in the lights. We assume he lost his girlfriend in the lights, too, and that's why he ducked to his right when she was sitting on his left.

You'd think Wyble -- he grew up in Azle -- would go quietly and shamefully into the night. But not in this reality-show era, where life has no meaning unless it is lived on TV.

So Wyble and the woman, Sara Saco-Vertiz, went on the CBS Morning Show to discuss the event. Saco-Vertiz also discussed how the two were no longer an item.

And then, because everything you do on Facebook is private if Facebook says it is, the two have gone to war. And Facebook has proven to be about as private as you'd expect, if you weren't Bo Wyble.

Deadspin has been getting reports from someone with access to Wyble's Facebook account, and idiocy reigns.

A recent status update from Bo: "I cant believe Sara Saco Vetiz she is a stupid slut that i met at a rolling club and i fucked her within about an hour of knowing her..I have naked pictures and videos of he ill be posting later so check back in a little."

Christ. We should probably be thankful that all Wyble did at the Astros game was let the ball hit Saco-Vertiz, instead of wearing an "I'm With Slutty" t-shirt.

Saco-Vertiz fought back in a posting of one of Wyble's other female friends who had agreed with him. "You the slut," she wrote, bringing forth thoughts of Oscar Wilde, both in terms of rapier wit and grammar. "he cheated on me and is trying to turn the situation around on me. I loved him and he broke my heart."

WHY is this shit going on in public? The two people involved are adults, more or less -- they're high school graduates, at least. That ought to count for something.

But since they've grown up in high school in the 21st Century, that means their every thought must be put online immediately. And it's cool, because Facebook has all these safeguards, so there's no way stuff will ever get out or show up when you're applying for a job and someone googles your name.

Rock on, Bo.